Apr. 6th, 2018

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The thread I’m working on with Luke is, “Yeah, a lot of people died for me.” If you look at interesting character development that would have happened between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, that’s certainly there. You don’t see much of it by the time you get to Empire, that stuff the characters must have faced and come to an answer — at least a temporary answer, anyway. -- Kieron Gillen

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SPOTLIGHT: How fond are you of the old Silver Age of Marvel Comics? Is the Galactus story from Fantastic Four #48-50 a particularly revered storyline for you?

WARREN ELLIS: Like most British writers, I didn't grow up with this stuff, and it really holds no special glow for me. Of our generation, people like Mark Millar, who adore this old stuff, are more the exception than the majority. Me and Garth Ennis grew up with the British stuff, the SF weekly 2000AD and the war comics.

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"All along I’d planned some deeper and difficult tribal connection for this kid, the subtext being we--all African Americans--have a rich heritage far too many of us know nothing about. Chante Giovanni Brown thought [Queen Divine Justice] was just a nickname, a one-off of Queen Latifah. She didn’t realize she was, literally, a queen (of the Jabari tribe, named for my dear friend and monster R&B producer Bari Taylor). Many of us don’t know our own heritage, where we came from, who we are descended from. Queenie represented that journey of discovery, and she was also there to draw out Panther’s humanity." - Christopher Priest

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"Just to set the record straight, Marvel Comics didn't pull me off any books, they just made it clear they weren't interested in using me on any of the tie-in series to the movies or regular series. Even though I lobbied heavily to write the Thanos on-going that task was twice given to other writers, which is Marvel Editorial's right to do.

What I objected to and what will be keep me from doing any further work for Marvel Editorial was Tom Brevoort approving a plot for the current on-going series, which was pretty much the same as the Thanos story arc in the graphic novel trilogy Alan Davis and I have been working on for Tom for close to the past year. He had 200 pages of script and 100 pages of pencils on this project when he gave the green light to a strikingly similar plot. The on-going will be in print before the graphic novel trilogy. To avoid spoiling anyone's enjoyment of these two stories I will not be summarizing the striking similarities.

At first Tom denied giving his approval to the plot. When that turned out to be false, he switched to claiming there was nothing similar about the two plots. When that didn’t fly he changed his story to it was all an accident. These changes of excuse and other bits of procrastination ate up a month, by which time the current Thanos on-going art team was too far along for anything to be done about the situation. Too bad for me. So I am moving on.

And, yes, Marvel Entertainment has treated me very well and generously. Them I like." -- Jim Starlin

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On a final note, Comixology is (for some reason) selling this for 99 cents here.


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