Apr. 11th, 2018

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"The premise is that 300,000 people in the city of Philadelphia were on a land mass that basically switched places with a land mass in a different dimension that eventually came to be known as Oblivion. Our story takes place 10 years after this incident and follows a scientist, Nathan Cole, who invented technology that allows him to pass between dimensions. He was tasked with leading a strike team that would go into Oblivion and rescue people, but as they started catching fewer and fewer people, the government eventually shut the program down and stopped funding it. Because his brother is still left in Oblivion, Nathan kind of keeps his equipment running on like a tape-and-chewing-gum budget, and keeps going into Oblivion every day to try and find more and more people until he hopefully finds him."

- Robert Kirkman

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"He’s the black guy. C’mon, let’s be honest. He’s the black guy. And he’s not angry, he doesn’t use slang or 'Ebonics,' he pulls his pants up, he keeps his word. Black Panther shames us—all of us—by his nobility. He may well be the single most noble guy on Earth. Do your best. Keep your word. It’s all anyone can ask of you." - Christopher Priest

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Titans #21

Apr. 11th, 2018 10:50 am
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Dan Abnett: "Roy is delving into a world that he - under ideal circumstances - should be avoiding. But he's doing that because he wants to feel like he's doing something useful. He feels that if the Titans are over, he wants to prove that he's got a role to play. There's also this underlying sense that he's trying to prove that to himself as much as anybody else. So not only does he want to good, he wants to do good in an area where he knows how bad things can get. But he's getting close to the fire again. He knows how dangerous that fire is, so he feels like he's the ideal person to do it. Everyone else is going, are you really? Are you really? Because this is like putting you in harm's way, putting too much temptation in front of you."

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"During one of our Milk Wars meetings, Gerard talked about Young Animal as the coffee ring stain on the map of the DC Multiverse." - Jody Houser

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