May. 2nd, 2018

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This is another thread we’re going to get back to in the HULK series – Bruce’s belief that he is one of the good guys. Spoiler: Deep down, Bruce is not a good person. -- Al Ewing

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You know, I didn't see anyone cover it, but I might as well mention it briefly. What is up with Jennifer Walters these days?

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Marie Javins, a DC editor, she invited me to write the book. My first thought was Marv Wolfman, and George Perez, where he carried labels like “anti-heroes,” “super soldier.” I don’t think of him in those terms. I think Deathstroke is a villain. Period. He is a bad guy who does bad things. He has his own warped code of ethics, but by and large he is just a villain. This is what I’m trying to drill down with the editors at DC. I don’t want to write stories where we create a bigger villain so he can seem heroic. Slade is not a good person, and that’s the core value that we’re trying to get back to. -- Christopher J. Priest

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