May. 26th, 2018

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Her friends were left wondering.

She sat under guard in a locker.

She tried to escape, and was caught.

She was taken back. )
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'So I find myself having to say, more that what THE CREW is, what THE CREW is not. THE CREW is not The Black Avengers. The Crew is not A Ghetto Book. THE CREW is not even remotely about race. Race is never even mentioned in THE CREW. It is a complete non-issue. [...] Rhodey's strongest pluses— a popular character with a long history in the Marvel Universe— are also his greatest minuses. Just explaining all of that back story and all of the many changes WAR MACHINE has been through gave us all pause. And, I thought, the minute we add more black guys than white guys, we get labeled as a "black" book, and we end up launching from a negative, having to make the case for what we are not. In the end we decided Rhodey was too strong and too logical a choice to exclude simply because he's black. He works brilliantly for this premise, becoming a kind of Professor X to the younger Crew. But, I also thought, well, here we go with the race crap. The ethnicity of the characters would become the main focus of discussion, something that would not have happened had we had Pietro and Alex.' - Christopher Priest

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