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Jun. 7th, 2018 11:06 am
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This was a story by Daniel Clowes first published in his magazine Eightball #22 and later as a trade hardcover. 

The full story is worth reading if you can, it follows a bunch of different characters and subplots that I had to either trim or remove.

NSFW for nudity.

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I've seen some of these float by a few times on Tumblr and Twitter, but somehow I had missed that artist Hannah Blumenreich had created an entire zine of her short Spider-Man fan comics back in 2016. I really like this take on Spidey - it feels like the first fifteen minutes or so of Homecoming before the ATM robbery scene, when Peter is really stepping into that "Friendly Neighborhood" role.

Peter-Parker sitting on the back of a couch, holding a skein of yarn while being scolded by Aunt May

Do you prefer to draw Peter Parker as a teen? You really capture the kid-like aspects of his character, especially in the sense that a lot of comics basically make him look like an adult, even when he’s meant to be in high school.

I do prefer him as a teen! I understand him as a teen, I guess. Teenage Peter Parker is a bit small and ineffective, he’s a social loser, he’s got this tragic past, but also this nerdy, upbeat, goofball demeanor, and you throw some high school drama into the mix and bam, there’s Spider-Man. Oh and I guess he’s got superpowers, too, or whatever. A minor footnote.

The Daily Dot, June 22 2016

A couple short stories behind the cut... )

These two and more are collected in a 19-page zine on her website. There's also an additional short story as well as some un-collected art on her Tumblr.


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