Jun. 18th, 2018

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It’s a western in the spiritual sense. It’s a thing of pace and desperation. Of wilderness and mythology. Of an old world dying and a new one being born. It’s a thing of war and the corrupt carrion-gobblers who feed on it. It’s about frontier and survival and above all, it’s about legends. About stories. -- Si Spurrier

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In gathering all the central Wildstorm concepts into one place, as it were, we're introducing a structured world as rich as that of Game Of Thrones. Instead of great houses, we have covert organizations, secret societies, secret space programs, ancient cults. Instead of house sigils, we have mission patches, corporate logos and mystery symbols. -- Warren Ellis

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INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #26 has Tony Stark, right after getting his memory rebooted during DARK REIGN.

This scene seems to be Marvel saying "When Tony Stark is a jerk, it is because he's an alcoholic, even if he's sober at the time."

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Of course part of the joy I take from working with publishers like BOOM!, Avatar and 2000AD is that one really can take these sideways lurches into unexplored, frontier or downright-weird territory. [...] And not just for the usual wanky I Am A Unique Creative Snowflake reasons either: the cynical truth is that our beloved medium will curl up its toes in the slow death of stagnation if its mainstream elements continue to dumbly tread water in their comfort zone. Recycled themes, recycled plots, recycled characters, yadda yadda. The way I figure, the weirdo fringe indie of today has a pretty decent shot at being the mainstream of tomorrow. -- Si Spurrier

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LAST TIME: Generation Zero determines the creepy invisible tower exists on the mental plane, and set out on a rescue mission.7 of 22 after the cut... )


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