Jun. 21st, 2018

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So as you may recall the character Ned in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' was pretty familiar to a certain Ganke Lee from Miles Morales' title, a chubby Asian kid (although Ned's actor Jacob Batalon is of Filipino descent, Ganke is Korean-American) who plays with LEGOs and is Peter's friend and confidante. Bendis himself even poked fun at it by having Ganke call himself 'Ned' as a way to cover his identity.

Well, over in the 'Spidey' title...

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"You know how on True Detective Matthew McConaughey’s character, [Rustin] Cohle, says humans need to stop reproducing because we’re just creating more horror in the universe? All that material comes from The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, a philosophical treatise on pessimism by Thomas Ligotti, the horror writer who suffers from anhedonia. Ligotti, along with Ray Brassier, a Scottish philosopher who wrote a book called Nihil Unbound: Enlightenment and Extinction, is at the popular forefront of this new wave of pessimist, nihilist, or “speculative realist” thinking. Annihilator was heavily informed by these writers, and a lot of my interest in their work bled off into Nameless in a different way. It’s our contribution to the New Bleak, and we’re very excited about it. I wanted to know if my own optimism could stand up to the bleakest, most pessimistic, most corrosive ideas about the pointlessness and horror of being alive and self-aware in an entropic universe. I like dredging the darkest, sludgiest part of the well for misery that I can transform into poetry and humor, you know?"

- Grant Morrison

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Last time: The rescue from the creepy mental plane tower was going well, until Generation Zero was pulled back into the physical world. The reason: queen bee Adele ripping the roof off Keisha's house.7 of 22 after the cut... )


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