Jun. 24th, 2018

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Bleeding Cool had an article that makes it clear there is some resentment over the events of CIVIL WAR II. And most of that resentment is towards Carol Danvers, not from her.


About two pages from CHAMPIONS #21 after the cut. Written by Jim Zub. Art by Sean Izaakse

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"My goal with 'Land of the Blind' is to really look at the cost of being a superhero - especially for someone like Blindspot." - Charles Soule

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When I was first thinking about the character I noticed how many people had implied the Surfer was some sort of Cosmic Messiah. Obviously he’d be the first to deny that – he’s just the product of some fucking impressive science – but I got to wondering what would happen if someone really did believe it, and started basing their decisions upon his supposed divinity. That would make him – in a perverse sort of way – responsible for the actions of his ‘followers.’ -- Si Spurrier

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