Jun. 27th, 2018

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It probably doesn't need an introduction, but Ghost World is  one the most acclaimed independent comics ever made. It was also made into a movie with Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson in the starring roles. If you've only seen the film, the comic has less of an actual plot but in my opinion it's the stronger of the two. One of the biggest changes in the film is the introduction of a character played by Steve Buscemi who in effect becomes the story's deutaragonist (at times it even feels like he's the main character) and it overshadows the relationship between the two girls to the film's detriment in my opinion.

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Kind of want one of those "[character] [verb]s the marvel universe" books under my belt before I die. "Silver Surfer dolefully ponders" FTW. -- Si Spurrier

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"The entire book is a subversion of what you can expect from The Inferno. While the first few issues play it pretty close to the chest, later issues reveal horrible secrets, strange new levels of hell, and the true nature of Lucifer. Keep descending."

- Zac Thompson

"I think people will be genuinely surprised at how we deal with some of the later circles of hell. We are taking a lot more creative liberties as the series unfolds and really doing our best to portray a modern version of hell, one that speaks to the times we’re living in, just like Dante did back in the fourteenth century. We just hope people are along for the ride."

- Lonnie Nadler

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