Jul. 2nd, 2018

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"One of the many delights of 'Pog' is Moore's inventive use of language -- what Lewis Carroll's Humpty Dumpty referred to as 'portmanteau words' [...] This hodgepodge language is a joy to read, a tribute to [Walt] Kelly's strip while still being uniquely Moore's. (As an aside, Alan maintains that once he had finished this issue, he found it difficult to write in normal English once more.)"
--Neil Gaiman, Introduction to Titan (UK) reprint ed., 1987

'You're made out of the same engreenients as the Lady.' )
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The beauty of doing a musical story in comics is that I don’t really need to know what that sounds like. I like the idea that everybody that reads the comic will imagine something different. Is it a little bit jazzy, grungy, poppy? It’s about music without gods. Most other people use their gods as their instruments. It’s like holy pop, it’s tedious. He wants to do something that uses his body and his skill and I have no idea what that sounds like, but it looks amazing. It looks skeevy and divey and sexy and wrong and counter cultural, but also beautiful all at the same time. That’s entirely down to the artist. -- Si Spurrier

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