Jul. 11th, 2018

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"Gerry's a fantastic writer and he can tell whatever story he damn well wants to." - Al Ewing

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There are certainly characters I miss, but their deaths were all important to Hazel’s journey. -- Brian K. Vaughan

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This week I took a punt on She Could Fly #1 and I'm delighted with my choice.

I hadn't heard anything about it before I found it scrolling through the comixology app to buy my books.

It sold itself to me because
a) Great cover design
b) Intriguing title. With short sentences I like to play the game where you emphasise each word in turn and see where it takes you.
She Could Fly - But other people (or I) can't
She Could Fly - But she can't any more? This suggests something ominous and foreboding.
She Could Fly - This suggests wonder. Flying!

c) Clear blurb in the comixology catalog which I'll cut to preserve spoilers for some )

Boom. Tells me the premise, tells me the characters, gives me a mystery, tells me the tone and tells me who is involved and what they've done that I'd like, which brings us to

d) By the guy who did Halt and Catch Fire. I've only seen season 1 (so no spoilers) but my brother and everybody else I speak to about it say that it's great. Cantwell has some excellent back matter that really explains where this book has come from. Read it. Also, Cantwell did an internship at Marvel Studios in 2001. Cool

P.S.A. Holy Shit. Don't confuse Chris Cantwell creator of Halt and Catch Fire with Chris Cantwell the Crying Nazi. Completely different guys.
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