Jul. 12th, 2018

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 "I was careful to make sure it wasn't only about Jason, however. I was already getting crap from social media about how this is Wonder Woman's book and she should be the center of attention at all time. You know how strident Wonder Woman fans can be." - James Robinson.

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Weavers #1

Jul. 12th, 2018 03:41 pm
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'Weavers is me blowing psychedelic raspberries at a particular sort of crime story, and a particular sort of super-hero story. The sort, in either camp, which takes itself way too seriously. Said raspberries are delivered by liberally infusing that suit-wearing, power-having, pistol-waggling, crime-fighting, shallow-grave-digging mixture with my present aesthetic of choice, which is probably best described as “Lovecraft-meets-Del-Toro-with-added-smirking”.' -- Si Spurrier

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In BATMAN #50, there is the idea Bruce Wayne can't be happy because then Batman isn't as effective.

During "The Clone Conspiracy," I speculated Dan Slott was doing his own "Peter Parker is just as messed up as Bruce Wayne" thing.

After seeing some of the current AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1, I am looking back at AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #23, set during "The Clone Conspiracy."

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