Jul. 17th, 2018

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Where do I even BEGIN this week?

I mean "REALLY?", this was a week that happened? In real life? And not a bad sitcom?

POTUS 45 (a Batman 66 villain in need of a plot) managed, with almost breathtaking efficiency, to offend pretty much everybody in the Northern Hemisphere (With the possible exception of Canada, who he covered pretty comprehensively at the last major summit) in the space of a long weekend, with the exception of the one person he probably SHOULD have offended.

Amongst other highlights;

The EU is "a foe"

Angela Merkel is a puppet of the Russians (Oh, irony, thy name it Trump) because they supply much of Germany's gas.

Gave an interview to the Rupert Murdoch owned rag "The Sun" on the day of his visit to the UK, during which he told Theresa May she was doing Brexit wrong, and the UK could expect to pay the consequences in a US Trade deal if her preferred approach was accepted. (I have no love for May and less for Brexit, but even I can appreciate the potential catastrophe of that sort of comment at this moment in time)

Derided journalists for NBC and CNN at a Press Conference so badly that a Fox News felt he had to stand by the integrity of his colleagues and friends

Seemed to change his mind about three times as to whether the UK could expect a decent trade deal post Brexit. Answer points to "No" (I have to assume he uses a Magic 8-ball for policy decisions)

Even some of our staunchest republicans are pretty much appalled at how he treated the 92 year old lady Head of State who was acting as his host (Apparently a couple of other Royals flatly refused to have anything to do with the visit). But it turns out Her Majesty may have been making a very subtle point of her own, it's all about the brooches baby.

And all this was BEFORE he got to Helsinki and gave a press conference which may go down in history as the first time a sitting President has possibly committed treason in public, as he (the subject of an investigation about foreign collusion) said that the American intelligence agencies doing the investigation were wrong, and accepting the claim from the head of country he's accused of colluding with, was 100% A-OK with him and wasn't it nice of this former Head of the KGB to offer to help with the investigation? Oh, and then referenced Hillary's e-mails... AGAIN.

Oh and Brexit is spiralling out of control in so many directions I lost track. Last I heard the rebels against the alterations made to the unalterable White Paper, rebelled against the anti-rebels and voted with the anti-anti-rebels who wanted to keep things as they were... or not? The whole thing reminds me of a verse from a Fraggles song;

"The work I think I'll work at,
Or else I think I won't,
Is sort of... something that you do
Unless you maybe... don't?"

Speaking of which, and this is as good a segue as I can think of, The Muppets played the O2 Arena in London and apart from the tiny little Muppets being sort of lost on the huge venue, there were some cracking sketches, including a Pigs from Space that has to be seen to be believed. (and for those who prefer things a little more old school, there was a different guest on the Friday

The rescue of the Thai children mentioned last week was only slightly derailed by billionaire industrialist Elon Musk, who made an extraordinary tweet after being peeved that the rescue team turning down his offer of a specially built submarine, on the grounds they didn't think it would fit in the cave structure.  A rather terse exchange with one of the British rescue divers ended with Musk calling him "pedo guy", which as you might imagine went down like a case of diarrohea in a diving suit. The tweet was deleted, but shares in Tesla fell and the diver is considering suing Musk, who now seems a bit more Luthor than Stark or Wayne.

Well, after stretchng it out for as long as I could, I finally had to watch the end of the season of "Gakuen Babysitters", and it ends as I suspected it would, not just with the whole review of the emotional growth of the two main characters, but with a sound we’d never actually heard before. If you’ve seen the episode you’ll know what I mean, if you haven’t you might want to give it a try, it’s a fluffy, warm-hearted, emotionally manipulative as hell but is at least honest about it.

Trying other random anime, I'm currently suffering voice actor dissonance as the main character, Melodias in "7 Deadly Sins" uses the exact same voice (and actor) as Cat Noir in  Ladybug. now Cat may be a bit on the flirty side to the point of occasional obnoxiousness but at least never goes TOO far, whereas Melodias is a horny little pervert who has no concept of boundaries and personal space (one of my LEAST favourite anime tropes EVER) so it's all a little unsettling.

The first of the bonus episodes of "The Bright Sessions" just dropped, as we meet another one of Dr Bright's patients, in an episode written by Dr Bright herself, Julia Morizawa. Well worth a check out, now that the main series has reached it's end and this will have to tide us over before the launch of the new series next year.

The sportsball globe cup is over for another four years, won by France in a match i am assured by people who know about such things, was actually rather good. Féliciations!

First images from Netflix She-Ra reboot have been revealed

Oh, and the first teaser for Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who ran during the sportsball final, and though it told us very little, we can expect much more happening after the SDCC panel this Thursday, including a longer trailer.

PS The ship which was nearly called Boaty McBoatface launched at the weekend, by the namesake of it's finally decided upon name Sir David Attenborough.

PPS Scotland is getting the UK's first spaceport, which sadly, is unlikely to be called Mc Eisley!

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In recent years we've had a spate of 80's toy related comic book launches.

Now, I'm not counting Transformers and GI Joe as they never really felt like they went away, but in recent years we've had a number of toy related titles ranging from the superb (Jem) to the middling (Rom) and the rather disappointing (Visionaries)

We've also see TV reboot everything from He-Man (in 2003 I grant you, but it was good), Thundercats (The terrific 2011 series and the 2018 one which might be a bit more questionable), My Little Pony (managing to get into it's 8th season and a theatrical movie) and Duck Tales (sublime).

However, I think it's safe to say I did not expect this.

A new all ages comic featuring a character I don't think I've ever even seen the opening credits of the cartoon of...

More, and bigger image beneath the cut )
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This newsitem broke out today, so I thought to make a brief post about it here. There isn't much additional information at the moment except that it feels unlikely that it would feature any core members of the Batclan due Gotham and the Titans. Probably no Renee Montoya either as apparently she's going to be in the Gotham Siren movie.

Some more thoughts on the subject no one asked for )

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It was a culmination.

It featured the threats of the previous two parts, Overlord the ex-Phase Sixer and Tarantulas the ex-Mesothulas.

The former, about to indulge himself on a prone Springer, was interrupted by Verity Carlo.

He took her away.

He took off. )


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