Jul. 18th, 2018

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I'm such a simple writer. I only write sort of little simple themes, and there are two driving themes of the whole thing and those are Catwoman and Batman and their love, and Bane and Batman and their hate. It's contrasting those two just simple concepts. That's the driving engine of all 100 issues, from issue 1 to issue 103, which is where I'm gonna end the whole series. -- Tom King

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You might go into this thinking you know about the Hulk, but new reader or old… there will come a moment when you look into the eyes of this Hulk and you’ll feel that moment of fear. Because you don’t know him at all. -- Al Ewing

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Fans of Kamala and Doreen, rejoice:



I appreciate that there seems to be some nice variety in the character design (although Gwen's friends look pretty 'Heathers').
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'Once editorial told me that Brian was leaving for DC Comics, the first thing I said was, “That’s a shame we're losing him. I wish him well at DC.” Then the next thing I said was, “I WANT IRON MAN!” I was the first vulture to pick at that carcass.' - Dan Slott

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