Jul. 19th, 2018

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It's a covert history of terrible things. There's a line from an old song that I like. "The past is steeped in shame, but tomorrow's fair game." The line through the first two years to the top of year three is into the dark and out again to something aspirational. And it does get dark. -- Warren Ellis

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And here it is... I'm sure plenty of us been dreading it, but here's the trailer for the new Titans series.

Warning for violence and language.

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Comic-Con kicks off amid period showing off fandom's ugly side

Comic-Con, we have a problem.
Once again, 130,000 pop-culture enthusiasts will descend on San Diego beginning July 18, immersing themselves in their favorite movies, TV and other pastimes for Comic-Con International, turning the sprawling convention into the center of the media universe.
Yet while the annual gathering is generally characterized by fans enthusiastically interacting with celebrities, a darker side of fandom has been in the headlines of late, reflecting the sort of distasteful minority that can give fans a bad name -- and might eventually prompt some talent to think twice about how much exposure they want to that culture.

Weavers #5

Jul. 19th, 2018 06:15 pm
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Weavers is the story of a kid living in the big city, who – through the agency of a sci-fi spider – develops uncanny abilities. Coming to terms with his new skills, he puts on a black and red suit, stop me if you’ve heard this one – oh, and a nice tie – and singularly fails to go swinging off to fight crime. Instead he’s sucked into the nastiest criminal organisation ever conceived. So this is not an open subversion of familiar ground, but… y'know… It’s not not one…? -- Si Spurrier

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"We're not talking about real Arabs, real Chinamen, or even real women. I suppose people could accuse me of wallowing in those elements under the guise of postmodernism and they'd probably be right. I don't think that you get an unpleasant atmosphere after reading the stories. It's more British attitudes that are being pilloried rather than the targets of those attitudes." - Alan Moore

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