Jul. 30th, 2018

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"A guy turning into a monster is an incredible idea. It doesn’t matter that everyone’s seen Lou Ferrigno do it a hundred times. It also doesn’t matter that it’s a concept that’s been around long before Stevenson. It’s such a great idea that if you do it right, you make it live again. It’s up to us to revalue these things using the power and currency of imagination. The idea of a submarine isn’t a very interesting idea now and it certainly isn’t as powerful or bizarre as it was when Verne wrote 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. However, I think that it’s still quite a lift when you get that first big shot of The Nautilus. What must it look like to the people on the dock? You can suddenly make the idea of a submarine sound fantastic. All you’ve got to do with these ideas is strip away some of the scar tissue that people have allowed to accumulate. Ideas don’t get old, it’s only us that get jaded." - Alan Moore

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"I thought wouldn’t that be fun, if you have these characters and put them together in a super hero team. And all right, we need a woman, there’s supposed to be some genius woman in Sherlock Holmes. The only woman that Sherlock Holmes had time for. But she was a bit obscure. You know… so I thought, Mina Harker. We’ll have her be changed by the events of Dracula and she’s divorced Jonathan and she’s become a Suffragette." - Alan Moore

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