Aug. 2nd, 2018

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There’s this really tiresome conventional wisdom that “if you’re creating a new world, the stakes of the story should be world-shaking.” Tell that to Rick Deckard, Roy Batty and co, y’know? I wanted the world we built to feel like it continues to exist when you look away from it, even though the readers—much like its inhabitants—can’t possibly understand everything about it. Hence the world of The Spire is rich with history and strangeness, but rather than slavishly presenting maps and chronologies readers are left to speculate and surmise about a lot of it. (After all, nobody ever gives those of us living in the real world explanatory notes on the mysteries we encounter every day. How can it possibly enhance the wonder of fiction, let alone the relatability of its characters, to constantly explain everything?) -- Si Spurrier

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Outsmarting Deathstroke is likely not possible. He is at least as resourceful and intelligent and well-prepared as Batman. It grieves me a great deal to see Deathstroke portrayed as a mindless thug (worse, talking like one) who gets his ass kicked every time. -- Christopher J. Priest

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