Aug. 11th, 2018

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Anyway, over the past year I've made a conscience decision that it's time to put away comfortable things and start showing people what I can do. The Progressive Second LP, if you like. Six-Gun Gorilla was perhaps the first step on that path, which over the next year or so will swell to include books at Marvel, BOOM!, Avatar, Image, and elsewhere. All of them very different from each other, but cohesive enough to form a fierce demon-ride of an album. Sticking with that analogy, The Spire is the epic foot-stamper somewhere round track 4 or 5, re-upping the adrenaline and murdering the conversation. Dance, fuckers, dance. -- Si Spurrier

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"Squirrel Girl has always found the good in everyone - even Kraven! - and because of her he's had this really redemptive arc in our book, since our first issue. But he hasn't always walked the straight and narrow - even after knowing Doreen - and this will be a story exploring that."
-- Ryan North

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