Aug. 15th, 2018

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How do you break Batman? Breaking him physically never works. He gets broken physically a thousand times. Even killing a Robin... how many Robins have died, you know? As a villain, how do you break this person? And this idea that the way to break him is to make him happy -- to do what I've been talking about this whole time, which was, "What happens if Batman gets happiness?" -- and then to sort of yank that away from him. How do you break Batman? You break his heart, was the answer that Bane came up with. -- Tom King

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Pearl #1

Aug. 15th, 2018 10:14 am
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"As the legacy of Jessica Jones left our hands and became this Netflix pop-culture icon (which I can’t take credit for other than just being a proud dad), it said to me that whatever we do next has to be just as dense emotionally but completely different. Pearl is an assassin with an albino skin condition. When she’s upset, patterns start to form on her skin that she’s done to herself through an art form her mother taught her. She’s a very unique character, like Jessica Jones, and I’m hoping people will just trust us and meet her to see what’s so unique about her." -- Brian Michael Bendis

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