Aug. 22nd, 2018

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I think one of the things that’s interesting about writing Spider-Man is it’s one of the first times I’ve written a character that’s self-consciously trying to be funny, and that makes the humor a little different. That means more and more of his jokes are the kind that you roll your eyes at a little... -- Nick Spencer

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It's the latest by Russ Kick.

Its brief is adaptations and re-interpretations of crime fiction.

One of the stories in it's an excerpt from Patricia Highsmith's Strangers on a Train, by Megan Kelso.

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"I think there are human lessons to learn because human nature is a constant and an eternal. When people say that 'We have evolved,' they’re wrong. We finished evolving when we started walking upright — when we went from being hunter/gatherers to what we are today. But after that, it’s all been a matter of extrapolation. But we still stick to what we’ve always done. We eat. We mate. And we rule. But the main thing is that from cave times on, we have drawn pictures. Even before we wrote words we drew pictures. Comic book art goes right back to the cave wall. So we’ve extrapolated and gotten more complicated, but the only real leap we’ve made is into outer space. And at this point, we’ve stopped doing that." -- Frank Miller

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