Sep. 12th, 2018

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Alan Moore: I'm not slagging off the rest of the comics industry, but there are a lot of books around these days that seem to be mining the same tired vein of tough, gritty, dark, frightening comics. It seems as though that was the last thing people found interesting in comics, and no one's thought of anything new to do yet. I think there seems to be something in the mix we're putting together in Supreme that is catching on to a degree. Maybe it will only cater to a handful of fans, but the sales do appear to be going up. I'm hoping that if we can build upon it, it will give us a platform to exploit one of the main possibilities of comics right now, which I think is one of the main possibilities for culture right now.

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"We know the Joker is a genius, we know he's relentless, and we know he can play the crowd, so why not make him a politician? Frank Miller modeled him after David Bowie. Chris Nolan showed him as a controlled sociopath. I see the Joker as Don Draper." -- Sean Murphy

So obviously this is an old issue with the entire series being finished and posted here months ago. That being said, DC is rereleasing the first issue for free both in stores and digitally for Batman Day to promote the upcoming trade so I am posting the first issue in its entirety. 

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"POWER LINES is about a poor black teenager who discovers he has superhuman abilities when he is in a certain rich white neighborhood. At the same time, we follow a middle-aged white woman who finds she has superpowers that activate only when she is in a lower-class neighborhood. They become heroes for each other's social class. Along the way, they learn about life in the other's community, which they often stereotyped with racist views."

- Jimmie Robinson

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