Sep. 16th, 2018

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Alan Moore: "Suprema has got a sort of Puritan arrogance. She's sort of like Nancy Drew with super powers or something. And, to her, if the rest the world has changed and she's remained the same, it's because the rest of the world is just wrong. She's the only yardstick that she measures it by. She sees everybody else as just -- they're impolite, they're ill-mannered, they're rude, they wear their skirts too short -- it's stuff that's shocking to her, and she refuses to go along with it. She treats everything as some sort of Girl Scout exercise with her in charge. Even if that's not the situation at all."

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I haven't done this for a a while, but I fancied a return to Covers of the Week. Presented in GIGANTOVISION from Comixology's New releases are my favourite covers of 12 September 2018 )
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It seemed an apt choice for scans_daily! :)

DC 241 000.jpg

This costume has been used a lot by various DC media, it's got it's own Funko Pop, showed up as an extra skin in the DC Lego games and even showed up in a memorable pre-credits sequence in "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", though there it was slotted into a story featuring Firefly and the Rainbow Creature. who were Silver Age menaces in their own right

But what IS the original story all this comes from? Well, read on an learn my lovelies... read on and learn...

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Previously, Aaron Stack - the magnificent Machine Man - woke up in the year 2020 after being reassembled by a group of cyberpunks fighting the corporate menace of Baintronics. Now, he and his rescuers - the Midnight Wreckers - are on the run. But maybe it's best if a character in the strip itself recaps things for us, yes?

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7 pages of 22. Writer Tom DeFalco, Penciler Herb Trimpe, Inker Barry Windsor-Smith

Domino #6

Sep. 16th, 2018 09:53 pm
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"There is a panel in Domino six that I was 100% certain would never get through and now I just stare at it in my print copies because it makes me so happy that it did. Thanks, @marvel!"
-- Gail Simone

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