Sep. 18th, 2018

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Alan Moore: "When Supreme started to look like it would be a success, I was talking to [Extreme editor] Eric Stephenson about the book. I told him that with Supreme I was sort of going to be telling the history of the entire Extreme Universe. I'd be filling in lots of details about Extreme that didn't exist, and that if Rob [Liefeld] wanted me to, I could give him an all-new bible of continuity for a universe that might have more possibilities. I wasn't going to ignore the previous continuity, just augment it. These days it seems that most comic book continuities are put together by committee, or just by accident. It struck me that it might be an advantage to have one person put together a continuity, much in the way that Stan Lee put together the Marvel continuity back then."

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Final Thoughts?

Alan Moore: Yes: cherish the astonishing and unlikely world that we all exist in; try to live with love and without fear; and anybody who has anything to do with any of these shitty Watchmen travesties, even as a member of the audience, will be dragged screaming to hell by their nipples. Peace out.

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves

After a defeat, earlier in the year the EU has approved the first stages of Article's 11 and 13, controversial measures which would have, potentially, a significant impact on any sharing of copyright material. There are many more step to go before it becomes law, but this is one for everyone to keep an eye on. The US may have lost internet neutrality, but this put repsonsibility on the web hosts to police copyright rather than the original licence holders.

Brexit was memorably, if unfortunately, described by as Vince Cable of the Liberal Democrats as "the orgasmic spasm of exteremists" perhaps the only line of his speech that anyone will remember. The fact that the only robustly anti-Brexit party hasn't managed to make any headway as the process sinks into a mire of claim and counterclaim on both sides, does not speak well for their political future.

POTUS, and professional Stretch Armstrong body double, 45 has launched another salvo in the ongoing trade war with China, and warned of more if China retaliated. To the surprise of no one, China has retaliated.

Also, worth noting that at a recent rally, three who was standing behind Trump (and thus visible on the TV screens) and were not looking impressed, was ushered out and replaced by apparently more acceptable faces... MID SPEECH! The young man was apparently taken and questioned for some time before being released. Nooooo... that's not worrying behaviour AT ALL!

The Phillipines and China meanwhile are also suffering from natural coatastrophe as Tropical Storm Mangkhut cuts a swathe across them, with phenomenal quantities of rain falling

The US has also suffered as Hurricane Florence struck North and South Carolina, leading to at least 23 deaths

Elon Musk, has announced that the first person to travel on the SpaceX "moon loop" in 2023 will be Japanese billionaire and online fashion tycoon Yusaku Maezawa.

The first season of The Dragon Prince, the new series from the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, arrived on Netflix. Only eight episodes, but they managed a LOT of very solid worldbuilding and despite the two male leads (plus amphibian) reminding me of the two male leads (plus amphibian) from "Over the Garden Wall" the whole thing is very engaging, with some nuanced villains, some outright villains, some nuanced heroes, some true heroes etc etc.

It might be an idea to avoid spoilers since it's only been out a few days, but it not spoiling anything to note that General Amaya, a deaf character who communicates only through sign languange (ASL I believe) is a very positive step. In a nice touch (which I think is consistent), she is frequently accompanised by an intepreter, but if he's not around, then she only has subtitles if she's communicating with someone who also knows sign language.

A somewhat abbreciated list today due to work commitments, but that should just encourage you to post what we've missed!


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