Sep. 30th, 2018

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Final part. With the Midnight Wreckers relentlessly persecuted by Baintronics and Arno Stark - the Iron Man of 2020 - Machine Man decides he has to end it once and for all.

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Black boxes being my clumsy cuts to get under the page count for a 23 page original.

Credits: Tom De Falco on writing, Barry Windsor-Smith on art.
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Although we've all been having fun posting lower-profile Alan Moore comics, we mustn't neglect the lesser-known work of other great comic book writers. Thus: Neil Gaiman's first published work in comics, from 2000 AD.

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I wanted to at least leave the American comics industry in the state that I found it, as you would any hotel room. With all this dark stuff, I felt that it had, through no fault of my own, had an influence on the mainstream industry that I didn't like. It seemed to have removed a lot of the joy and imagination that attracted me to comics in the first place in favor of a relentlessly dark, pessimistic sort of phony cynicism—a knee-jerk cynicism that I didn't think that the innocent characters of American comics had really been designed to carry. It was an experiment: I wanted to reinvest the mainstream with some of those elements that I felt had been thrown out with the bathwater back in the '80s. -- Alan Moore

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Albion #1

Sep. 30th, 2018 10:37 pm
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DOWNTHETUBES: John, if you had to pitch Albion to sell it to new readers, how would you do it?

JOHN REPPION: Okay, here goes (cue gravely voice over): America has always had it's heroes but where are ours? Who, these days, has ever even heard of Tim Kelly and the Eye of Zoltec or Jim Hollis the Rubberman? It's almost as though these characters never even existed. But then, maybe that's what they want you to think... Albion is the story of perhaps the greatest comic book cover up in history; a journey into a world were what happens on the page is a mere shadow of what happens off it.

DOWNTHETUBES: Sounds good to me! How did the Albion Project and this return of so many British comics characters – characters who haven't been in print in the UK for years -- come about?

LEAH MOORE: I blame Shane for everything. He was speaking to Dad [Alan Moore] and saying he really wanted to do a comic with the old characters from British kid's comics, and Dad being the genial old soul that he is said he'd see who owned them. Shane had the idea that he could somehow buy the rights to the characters but when dad spoke to [Wildstorm editor] Scott Dunbier and asked him, Scott said that maybe Time Warner AOL (the conglomerate that owns DC comics, IPC magazines and most other things too) already did.
Unbeknownst to Dad, Shane or Scott, Bob Wayne was speaking to Andrew Sumner at IPC magazines. Andrew is a huge comics fan and wanted to try and get the old characters out of the dusty old cupboard they had been languishingin. Bob is a fan of British comics too and was happy to take the idea away and figure something out. Scott spoke to Bob, they sorted it all out sodad plotted it, we wrote it and Shane drew it, and even got Dave Gibbonson the covers and the rest is history.

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