Oct. 3rd, 2018

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As I see him, Deathstroke’s true super-power is his intellect. Marv and others have loaded him up with these other powers—virtually all of which I find to be unnecessary and tedious in the sense that I have to find ways to demonstrate them. I’d be much happier if Deathstroke simply was what I believe Marv intended him to be: the evil version of Batman. -- Christopher J. Priest

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"Otto’s trying to start fresh, and be the superior hero he knows the world needs; the problem is, he’s still Otto Octavius. It’s the same conflict at the heart of Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad — can this person rise above who he is? Will his flaws make him better…or doom him, and those around him?" -- Christos Gage

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We wanted to do clever crossover-y event-style stuff, and we wanted to treat these characters that we all loved with great respect, but also to try and do some new and up-to-date stuff.

But we just didn’t really know how to approach that without it seeming like we were either being a burden on the shoulder of giants or kind of taking the piss a little bit.

And Neil did this amazing thing which only he could do, which is to very calmly and very wisely and with great erudition tell us all that we had permission to be calm and not be so anxious and to treat these toys as if they are our own toys rather than as if we were borrowing them from him. And to just have a view to telling amazing stories that made sense and were valuable rather than servicing a brand in some cynical, commercial way.

-- Si Spurrier

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I came in through Frank Miller and Alan Moore, and I feel like I am just constantly reflective of them in one way or another, but I have guys who came into through Grant Morrison, like Tim Seeley or Steve Orlando, they’re constantly comparing “What kind of comics are you writing? Oh, you’re trying to write those other kinds of comics.” I think your origins are always with you. -- Tom King

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