Oct. 6th, 2018

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In the superhero world, comics about celebrity is almost always cynical. I can’t think of any western-comics that had done anything else. There’s the idea that all these old superheroes are kind of respectable and the true way of doing things, and the younger ones are just coke-addicted selfish idiots.

But Pop Stars have saved my life. I don’t care if they do a lot of coke.

Simultaneously, it’s far from celebratory. The book is intensely critical of the whole cast. They’re oft idiots. They fuck up, hard. They learn, but not nearly quick enough.

It’s a book about being an artist.

-- Kieron Gillen

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In the last issue, Dr. Hormone successfully bumbled through a secret air mission which hormonally transformed the invading Urasian army into loyal Novoslavian citizens. But the war isn't over yet.

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When I was putting together Tom Strong, I thought, I want to do a comic that is what I think superhero comics should be. Remember, I've never actually much liked superheroes. My early work in them, it's largely about trying to destroy them. Things like Marvelman, Watchmen, they weren't meant to be things that revitalized the superhero. Quite the opposite, you know? I was thinking if I dispose all of the floors in the concept in an interesting way, then people will have to revise the idea. But that wasn't how it worked out, and we got instead a lot of people doing really grim stories based upon characters that were, as I said earlier, designed for the nine year old children of the 1960s that were never meant to carry that sort of grim baggage. -- Alan Moore

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