Oct. 22nd, 2018

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Bernie Wrightson passed after only completing five pages of this issue. Before he died, he made arrangements with Kelley Jones to finish illustrating the comic based on his layouts.

As you will see it's not the most seamless of transitions but it's not too jarring either. As disappointing it is that the series was cut short as it was, I think everyone deserves credit for coming together and bringing forth some semblance of a conclusion as opposed to leaving it unfinished in limbo.

On a final note if you liked these posts the entire series is on sale at Comixology for 99 cents an issue (with the first three issues available in a one-shot) here.

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Marvel USA didn't read the Marvel UK product, I'm pretty sure. I think Marvel USA had no interest, if truth be told, in what was happening at Marvel UK. That was what I was banking on, and we certainly got no criticism or feedback over that relatively savage Stan Lee article, so I can only assume that nobody over there ever gave a damn because they hadn't read it. -- Alan Moore

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