Oct. 23rd, 2018

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What I could do is what everyone wants me to do, and to ignore the fact the popular market is going down the toilet. I could do something really obscure. I'd get critical appeal and sell 1,500 copies and incidentally go broke and earn the respect of Gary Groth, and the comics industry would completely fall to pieces. Even if it all happens, and comics does fall to pieces, at least I did my best. -- Alan Moore, on doing the ABC line instead of more indy fare

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

Those of you too young to remember the Cold War, good news! It appears that the US is going to start increasing it's nuclear wepaon stockpile to put pressure on Russia and China, by pulling out of a 1987 treaty which banned Intermediate Range Nuclear weapons, which it is claimed Russia as violated both in spirit and fact. Russia denies this and promises to retaliate in kind if the US does increase it's stockpile.

Saudi Arabia is in international trouble for it's probable involvement in the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey. For some reason their claim that the 60 year old journalist when into the consulate and started a fight with about 15 "rogue agents" (at least one of whom had a bone saw for some reason) which ended in his death is not seen as entirely plausible, nor is the Saudi agent wearing Mr Khashoggi's clothes and a fake beard who left the consulate on the same day and ensured he walked around in front of CCTV. Even POTUS 45 had to reverse his previous statements that he found the Saudi story convincing, and as
Turkey has promised to reveal more about this today, this is far from over.

Strangely, looking at the Brexit scene I'm reminded of Lord Vetinari in Terry Pratchett'd Discworld series, who retains his position as Tyrant of Ankh-Morpork by ensuring that every side believes that "He may be bad, but every possible alternative is at least a little bit worse" which is a very complex political manipulation to keep going. Theresa May seems to be the living embodiment of this much to everyone's surprise, including, I suspect, her own. Otherwise it's the usual morass, and getting morass-ier by the day.

In less apocalyptic news, NASA has listed some new constellations based on gamma ray star monitoring it's been doing. These new signs include the Hulk (of course), the Little Prince, the TARDIS and Godzilla. So go pick a new horoscpe!

Duck Tales Season 2 started and though it's not been away for long, I've missed it SO MUCH! The first episode is more of a scene-setter of this gloriously dysfunctional family than anything else, but for the last four minutes, where Scrooge has a heart to heart with one of the nephews (I won't say which one), I'll forgive it a lot.

Titans on the other hand, I'm this close to quitting already. The second episode was just... miserably gruesome. Gratuitous torture and violence all over the place from pretty much everyone, Hawk and Dove being chronically mishandled (IMHO), no Starfire or Beast Boy at all, and only Raven being adorable and scary and Dick attempting to bond with her being vaguely redeeming features. But the rest is so dark and violent and that it makes "Arrow" look like "Duck Tales" by comparison.

I'm also finding myself completely uninterested in the new Star Wars cartoon "Star Wars: Resistance". The fact no one is a Jedi is a plus I guess (or at least different) but I'm finding Kaz to be such a tediously dull protagonist and the stakes so small scale (The First Order may have a spy on a weirdly irrelevant base where fliers hang out), that I'm completely uninvolved in the story. (The the not remotely cliche "utterly literal alien sidekick who doesn't understand figures of speech" isn't helping either)

So the Rosa Parks episode of Doctor Who aired and, to the relief of everyone who remembers how flippant the series has been in some of it's historical stories in the past, was not just good, it was extraordinary!

The show has never exuded more disturbingly mundane menace than it's depiction of Alamaba in 1955, and the level of contempt (and acceptable violence) that was the public norm from white people to people of colour at the time, and that this was not the result of some alien influence, this was pure human behaviour. White privilege was addressed by having the Doctor and Graham act as a social "buffer" for Ryan (especially) and Yaz (Who locals tended to assume was Hispanic, much to her chagrin), but Ryan and Yaz dicuss the racism they have faced in the modern day too. It's not preachy, but it's brutally honest.

The baddies evil scheme was low key, "just" someone with an agenda seeking to nudge time down a different path, but that's all it needed because this was a character driven story and then some. Thankfully Rosa (an amazing performance from Vinette Robinson) was not "inspired" by the Doctor and her friends at any time because she never needed to be. The Doctor was almost a background character in this, doing her absolute best to ensure that events occur the way they have to, in order that Rosa Parks be the person she already was, and at the end she and Graham become part of the story in an subtly indirect way that appals them both.

At one level it's almost a drama about ensuring a bus runs on time, but DAMN if it wasn't some of the most powerful Doctor Who that has ever hit the screen. (And it should be noted that the principle writer and director are both poc, which probably helped)
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"Paris, end of the 21st century. Inspector Romane Pennac is the only white woman in her station. The world has suffered devastating wars and ecological disasters, and the old powers of Europe and America are now the third world. Amidst it all, it is to this young woman, now a member of a discriminated-against minority, that a couple of devastated parents turn. A mysterious letter has just announced that the body of their daughter, recently deceased in New York, is missing from her coffin…"

- Europe Comics press release

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Out of one man, he'd stepped into another.

He'd gone from the streets to a room, a stubbed-out cigarette trailing smoke and a glass half-drunk.

There was a problem before him, on a desk with a lamp on.

He went to the window, looked out into the night. )


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