Oct. 31st, 2018

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I'm reminded of a line from an Ennis-written issue of Hellblazer which I loved, and will badly paraphrase: "I'm not sure why people think angels are beatific. They scare the shit out of me." -- Kieron Gillen

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I wanted to do something sweet. It's lazy writing. Something about simplicity which seems to be what people enjoy. Surprisingly, I keep getting these bravery letters for putting in an interracial marriage. There aren't many mixed relations in comics. Since 1939, apart from the X-men, which was ambiguous, it hasn't happened. I hadn't thought about that. How shameful that is. How backward this medium is. -- Alan Moore

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"You know how there are certain people that, as soon as you meet them, you just get an uneasy feeling? You just know that not only are they thinking bad thoughts… not only are they up to no good… you also need to walk on eggshells around them because they are downright dangerous? Well, that’s what I wanted to get across with Cole. I’ve met people like him, and I wanted to do everything in my power to get the Hell away from them as quickly as possible." -- Cullen Bunn

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While his colleagues in crime mind-control the Riverdale adults and try to do so with the Riverdale High students, the Joker concentrates on getting the captive Jughead to see things his way.

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"In early 2005, during my early research on Hanks, I contacted Will Eisner. Initially all he recollected was the Hanks drew "in the style of early Basil Wolverton". When pressed, Eisner recalled that Hanks was older than the majority of those in his ballpen who were mostly in their late teens, and that he did not hang around the studio much.

"There is one thing I do remember about him," Eisner told me, "He wrote, penciled, inked, and lettered his own work."
"Anything else?" I asked.
"And he got it in on time!" Eisner said.
"anything else?" I asked.
"Frankly nothing else really mattered," replied Eisner.

Paul Karasik, You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation!
Six pages from Fantastic Comics #3
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Let’s get in the mood for Halloween!
This all started with a joke: if nothing in life is certain but death and taxes, would the undead have to pay taxes?

Welcome to Zombillenium, a monster-themed amusement park in the middle of nowhere in the Northern French countryside near the border with Belgium. Joke has it that it’s always raining here… truth is maybe not always but skies are very often overcast at least. The last coal mine closed down in 1990, countless factories followed suit in the next decades. Nowadays unemployment rate is 25%. And Zombillenium only hires the dead! or undead. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, and the likes, and of course humans are often the real monsters here.
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The series counts 3 volumes as for now, and has been on hold for a few years because the author was working on the movie adaptation,
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And! one year later, volume #4 is scheduled for release by the end of November. Only three more weeks to go! and vol. #5 and 6 are planned for the next coming years too. A friend of mine has a subscription to the Journal de Spirou, has already read the prepublications and knows what happens and won’t spoil it for besides «oh yeah it’s getting pretty dark and it’s awesome».
I would have put more scans, but I know there’s an official English translation somewhere so once again, I thought it would be more accessible for the international community if someone could get it instead please?


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