Nov. 7th, 2018

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A House Divided

One day, with no prior warning, Henrietta Achilles is whisked out of her orphanage to the town of Malrenard, where her uncle used to live. At least that's what the town officials claim.

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I wrote these three books, Sheriff of Babylon, Omega Men, and Vision and I thought they were three different books and they all turned out to be the same book. It’s just like what you we’re saying “Oh, I’m just writing the same theme over and over again, it’s about a guy who tries to do something well and finds out something’s more complicated it all goes to shit.” I was like, “Oh, this is my CIA experience.” [...] And now I’m doing Batman and Mister Miracle and now like “Oh, I’m just writing about — you go through trauma but your family puts you back together, that’s my 2016 nervous breakdown experience.” -- Tom King

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LADY SPECTRA & SPARKY is my attempt at distilling everything I love about Silver/Bronze Age superhero comics (while trying to fix the things I find problematic, such as the frequent sexism).

Science teacher Paula Carson is secretly Lady Spectra, a crusading superhero who uses high-tech laser weapons in her battle against evil. Her 12-year-old daughter Jill is Sparky, her wisecracking sidekick. With the help of their police contact, Lt. Bernie Kominsky, they battle the crazed and colorful villains who plague Apollo City.

LS&S started out as a self-published fanzine back in 1991, and moved to the web in 2008. With permission of the copyright holder (that'd be me), here's the first 13 pages of a recent story arc:

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"The Green Lantern basically refers to the Green Lantern, the essential power battery, that doesn't necessarily refer to Hal at all. It actually came from a movie in Britain called The Blue Lamp. It was a police movie, a very early police series, and it gave rise to sort of a famous 1960s police drama which ran for 200 years. It ran until the gang died on the job, basically. The Blue Lamp is the police lamp that hangs outside all the British police stations. So, I just thought, it's The Blue Lamp… The Green Lantern, it's the same thing. It's the science fiction version of that concept. So, it was very much, we wanted to have that The Blue Lamp, The Green Lantern, and so it does, it refers to the concept, rather than to the man.” - Grant Morrison

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We've got our big battle with the Avengers coming up in a few short issues' time - I just wrote that one - and that was probably the trickiest in terms of keeping it as a horror book, finding a way to do that, to show something that's been shown over and over since the sixties, and take an angle on it that felt fresh, new and different. It's the big test of the lens we've built - can we look at a team everyone knows, and show them through that horror lens, and make them seem unsettling? And it turns out, we can. -- Al Ewing

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"The Charon is the premiere vessel in the Galactic Service for retrieving souls of people important to the war effort. In Outer Darkness, many, many hundreds of years in the future we’ve figured out there is no heaven, no hell. Your soul just gets cast out into infinity… forever, where it’s dark and horrible and filled with things that have been around forever, and that are malignant and evil and awful. Sure, they have the technology to bring back your soul and inset it into a lab grown body — but you have to be pretty damn important for the Service to deem you worthy of retrieval. The crew of The Charon are not the Galactic Service rejects, they the ones strong and brave enough to handle the horrors of space."

- John Layman

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