Nov. 11th, 2018

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There's an issue where we're kind of doing a tribute to the old Captain Marvel line of comics, which I think were wonderful. They were whimsical. They've got talking tigers who wore suits. That's fantastic. That's the range of ideas that comics should be using. -- Alan Moore

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The Meek is a fantasy-drama adventure weaving together multiple characters and narratives dealing with themes of loss, grief, corruption, betrayal and judgement. Since the site was launched in 2009, the series has received critical acclaim from numerous outlets (The A.V. Club listed The Meek as one of their picks for the best comic of 2016).

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Gone with the Blastwave is a black comedy focusing on two soldiers fighting a meaningless and all-consuming war in the desiccated remains of an irradiated, bombed-out wasteland of a city. Seeing how Veterans Day commemorates the lives lost in a similarly needless, seemingly never-ending tragedy, I thought this would be fitting.

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The Wicked + the Divine was always about a monument to everything I've ever loved, which we proceeded to set fire to. -- Kieron Gillen

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