Nov. 25th, 2018

SeulS #3

Nov. 25th, 2018 01:06 am
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Seuls vol.3, Clan of the Shark
Brace up, shit is getting real. The authors read Lord of the Flies and disagree that had there been girls on the Island with the boys, things would have turned up better. Here is their take on how kids left to themselves behave, regardless of gender.
I think it's one of my favourite albums in the series.


Warning for unsupervised children on the loose, crappy child rearing veering on abuse, blood, and... even worse.

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(The whole «themed amusement park» was cut from the movie, and Saul's backstory was totally changed, but his character was kept intact—in a jarring way. They also made good use of the burned down areas around the city, combining them with a different bit of worldbuilding in a creative way. But that's about it.)
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So Terrific Tales gives me a vehicle where I can try these odd little ideas for things that perhaps aren't even technically stories, but where I can just play with things. "Yeah, let's do a cartoon! Let's do some bubble gum cards! Let's do a children's story!” -- Alan Moore

Trigger warning: Sexual assault

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It’s fun to write someone who’s coming from a bright and invincible place. I love a Gabby moment where she’s just so into who she is and what they’re doing. It’s nice to have someone who’s just a little giddy at how cool they are.
-- Mariko Tamaki

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People have wondered what the fourth year is about. We’ve normally described arcs like albums. The Faust Act like that urgent first introduction, the second the awkward Sophomore, the third going to our Berlin Experimental stage, the fourth a band deciding they want to sell lots and lots of records… and it working. And after winning, what do you do? Whatever you want, which is inevitably the coked out double-album indulgent mess of Imperial Phase. I’m not taking the metaphor any further, at least yet. Or to put it another way, what the fourth year is about is ending this fucker. -- Kieron Gillen

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