Nov. 28th, 2018

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I can tell somebody, “Look, I used to fight Al-Qaeda, and also sometimes I can't get my hand to stop shaking.” Those two things can be true. You can be a man and still be weak, and still love your family, and still say that I got help and I got through this with help. To me, watching my father’s generation run away from that help and embrace ponytails and fast cars when they hit that moment, I feel like we can go a different way, especially in this time of anxiety. We can lean on each other and find a way to fight back all this stuff.

Superman went through this. Batman went through this. Wonder Woman went through this, and I started thinking about the lives they lived. I started thinking about Batman watching his second son die and holding him in his arms. I started thinking about Superman. When he’s 21, he has to give up his identity. I think about Wonder Woman, raised to be a warrior trying to bring peace and her finding compassion in having to always be the strong one. Batman and Superman are always whining. You never see her whining. I wanted to write about that, and how they got there. They didn't get there by being the silent, tough types. They got there by going through something, by leaning on people, and after getting that help, helping people.

-- Tom King

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Newsarama: One final sidenote - what was your reaction to appearing in Suicide Squad, as "The Writer" only to be killed off in issue #58?
Grant Morrison: I think it probably served me right after everything I'd put Buddy Baker through. I just come back from the dead, stronger and stranger, like everyone else in comics.
-- Newsarama interview

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