Dec. 2nd, 2018

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I wanted something that was plain and old-fashioned and thought it would be funny to call something America's Best Comics. If it turned out to be crappy, then I could claim that it was ironic. It was a fallback position, a post-modern joke. -- Alan Moore

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HOLLYWOOD SOAPBOX: High Heaven is billed as a ‘savage satire.’ What are you and the team trying to satirize?


A partial list:

◾The idea that you can’t be happy unless other people devote themselves to your happiness. Some of us, like High Heaven star David Weathers, are slow to grow out of that. (I think I was, if indeed I have.) David is such a baby, and artist Greg Scott sells his moods so well.
◾Austerity, the philosophy that says it’s somehow wrong to spend public money in the public interest, that we don’t deserve anything better than reduced library hours, bumpy roads, poorly equipped schools. If we don’t deserve those things now, why would we after death?
◾The social pecking order that earns the majority’s loyalty by giving it minorities to look down on. I can’t see that ending after death, either.

And more! New things to mock every day.

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In one way, I just wanted to give Jamie [McKelvie] a guitar solo. I think he’s the undisputed costume designer of his generation in the American field – even putting aside his work on WicDiv, he’s responsible between three of the most influential looks of our time, two of which are going to be everywhere for the next five years at least (Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel being the Everywhere-ers, and America Chavez being one of those period touchstones.) The idea of having half an issue devoted to 128 new and individually researched character designs is absolutely a mike-drop. No-one’s done this. No-one would try to do this. I wanted Jamie’s peers to cry at the idea of even considering trying this. Admittedly, this involved Jamie crying doing it, but the cost of doing business. So yeah – while arrogant and desperately overambitious, especially in the context of a monthly comic book (this is easily as much work as two monthly comics) this is one we’re intensely proud of. -- Kieron Gillen

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Newsarama: So this secret that she’s hiding — I mean, from their interaction in the last couple issues, they appear to still be in love. But just to clarify, the secret is not some type of precursor to the end of their marriage, or something she’s doing behind Clark’s back to hurt him or anything.

Bendis: Oh, not at all. She couldn’t be more clear unless she almost says to the camera “we’re not breaking up; I’m madly in love with you.” They have a very complicated situation here.

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(published sept. 2018)

Back cover blurb:
On a mission hunting bandits, Molly, Liam and their friends come across a monstrous creature: the Beast.
The village's council is worried: where does this monster born of dark magic come from? What threat does it pose for their village?
Hoping to get a clearer view of the problem, a delegation is sent to the Witches' Island. Molly and Liam will go with them, and get a chance to know Sarah, the young crow witch...

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Dun dun dun, another cliffhanger ending. For some reason, I was getting Princess Mononoke vibes from this album, between the Witches' Forest and their children looking a bit like forest spirits, the giant magical animal attacking the village and contaminating people it touched... I hope it won't take too long to get the next album!
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It turns out he comes from a Lord of the Rings, hobbit-infested fantasy world that is a composite of every drippy fantasy story you've ever read. It's got elves, unicorns, questing heroes. It does for the fantasy genre what Neopolis does for the super-hero genre. -- Alan Moore

Trigger Warning: Rape

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