Dec. 11th, 2018

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So this week has already seen two rather different incidents in the world of long running manga and anime franchise, Saint Seiya. One good, the other... well, I'll get to that.

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I decided to take that boy inventor character, last seen messing around with '50s and '60s science, and bring him up to date, at least scientifically. Still keep him in this rural, Kansas, timeless, bygone American period. But this kind of science he's talking about, it's this ridiculous quantum science we have today. -- Alan Moore

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"Vampires weren’t scary anymore. Dracula has become a joke, on TV vampires date teenage girls and we have breakfast cereals named after vampires. When Anne Rice 'humanised' vampires she was pulling vampires from B-movies and making them sophisticated creatures with feelings and emotions. That was new then. It revolutionized vampires.

Unfortunately it also tamed them. Rice made us want to be vampires. I wanted to make them scary again. It really was just that simple. The vampires in 30 Days of Night could care less about seducing you. They want your blood and all the begging and praying in the world won’t stop them." -- Steve Niles

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat among yourselves.

Brexit has lurched from "SNAFU", to "omni-shambles" to something way beyond either of those terms. We're in new and uncharted areas of f'd up here!

So Theresa May's Brexit deal, which was due to be voted on yesterday, and which pretty much no one who isn't named Theresa May thinks is viable, wasn't voted on because she pulled it from discussion, and is now running around the EU trying to get people who already told her no changes can be made, to make some changes. Insert Benny Hill theme here...

In an effort to cut down on people adopting pets for Christmas, which nearly always leads to a rise in discarded pets many animal shelters in Germany are refusing to allow adoption of animals in the run up to December 25th. That makes sense to me, if you really want a pet you probably won't mind waiting.

An area of Antarctica which was previous though to be stable in the face of global warming, is apparently not. Good thing Global Warming isn't real (/irony)

Barclays Bank in the UK is trialling the option to be able to switch of certain kinds of spending on your own bank cards, like gambling sites and premium rate phonecall and websites, so those with issues in that regard can, for want of a better term, self-regulate.

Catching up on some Titans episodes, and after the not as interesting as it should have been "Asylum" (I mean, we DID get Breton Thwaites Dick Grayson strapped down into a chair, so that was a start ;) ), we get "Donna Troy" which I thought was very good (mostly for the Dick and Donna scenes where the two actors had effortless chemistry, the scenes where Starfire casually appears to outright murder a bunch of police and government agents who are just doing their job in trying to apprehend a woman who is already wanted for murder, not so much)

And then we get "Hank and Dawn" which grinds the concept of Hawk and Dove even further into the depressing mire which is this take on the DCU, it throws in child molestation, randomly choosing vigilante-ism to appease Hank's anger management and drug issues, domestic abuse, and the death of the first Dove (and the motivaor for Dawn's eventual adoption of the name) is approaching the comedic in terms of "Really? THIS is where you're going with this?"). I want to like this show so much and the cast are generally very appealing in their roles, but the unrelenting grim-ness and violence is just so gratuitous that it's intolerable. These mostly do not seem to be superheroes, but people with serious and dangerous issues, which is probably true to life, but not particularly entertaining to watch.

At the other end of the scale, Doctor Who finished series 11, with a perhaps more traditionally Doctor Who-ish plot than most this season; evil alien with a sinister plan which the Doctor and her "fam" foils. This season has been an odd sort of a relaunch, feeling a lot fresher and less tied to complex backstories and continuity porn than previous series, but lacking a lot of the sparkling dialogue which RTD and Moffatt could do so well, though with much smaller scale stories and a Doctor Who isn't bombastic, it's been effective enough. Jodie has been a delight as the Doctor, Bradley Walsh as Graham has been exceptional, and Toison Cole very promising as Ryan (though he had the advantage of having a lot of scenes with Walsh), Mandeep Gill has been very good when allowed something to do, which sadly wasn't nearly often enough.

In some ways this has been very progressive, in others very safe. Alas, the BBC has announced that after the New Years Day Special, the next series won't be broadcast until "Early 2020" which seems a strangely long gap when you're trying to establish a feel for the a Doctor and era. 


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