Dec. 13th, 2018

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"The Abandoned has a big role to play in the series, and I don’t think readers will ever know quite where his allegiances lie. One day, he might fight for Emmy. The next, he might be against her. Emmy’s interactions with the haints is really one of her defining qualities. At least, her viewpoint when it comes to these strange creatures was one of the first aspects of her character I settled on. Almost everything else about her is at least informed by that." -- Cullen Bunn

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Mister Miracle is a 12 issue, in continuity series. It's one complete story that will in turn affect the entire DCU. -- Tom King

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Another one of my favorite archetypal comic characters is Fighting American. It's one of my favorite pieces of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's work, and one aspect I like is that it clearly started out as a serious patriotic strip with its first issue. Then, I presume because it was published during the McCarthy era, Simon and Kirby were at least smart enough to realize you couldn't really take this kind of stuff seriously, so they changed their character from a Red-baiting, serious, patriotic hero to this incredible satire upon the whole idea, with these ludicrous Communist villains like Hotsky Trotsky and Poison Ivan. I was thinking, "Yeah, that's really good. The idea of a patriotic super-hero who is a satire on issues that were contemporary at that time." -- Alan Moore

Trigger warning: rape

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