Dec. 19th, 2018

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That splash page in Avengers #2 where they’re trying to have a meeting to discuss minutes and orders of business and the Hulk is just standing there in his underpants and Thor begs him to put some clothes on and they all just openly hate him -- that’s probably the birth of the Defenders in some ways. The idea that some super-people just don’t fit. So this ended up as a story of four totally different people essentially colliding with each other in a way that briefly looks like a team, if you squint, but it’s not. -- Al Ewing

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Pearl #5

Dec. 19th, 2018 05:47 am
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"My film student teenage daughter and I were having a very long conversation about the Coen brothers and why there’s always a force at work underneath the plot in every movie…always some underpinning of the unexplained. While these stories were being told to me and while I was doing the research, there’s so much spirituality involved, so much unspoken spirituality, it affected the storyline. As we got to issues 4 and 5, it will reveal itself more…the conversation about how people in life feel like there are forces working beneath them. The hand of God or spirituality in their daily lives, and it’s not written about a lot in comics because it immediately goes to a religious place, but that’s not necessarily what we’re talking about here." -- Brian Michael Bendis

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"There are several editors at Marvel who are probably sick of me pitching them Namor books!" - Chip Zdarsky

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"Tonally, I keep joking that this is a Cormac McCarthy story adapted by Jack Kirby. 'Cormac McKirby' if you will." - Jason Latour

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My observation of the current nostalgia for the ‘80s in culture, politics and international relations played a big part in Xmasville —- having lived through the ’80s, I can assure my readers it wasn’t worth being nostalgic about in any way... -- Grant Morrison

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This time next year Star Wars Episode IX: Reclamation of the Calrissian will be released (I see no reason why that shouldn't be the title). So I thought I'd post some scans of the Return of The Jedi comic (for over 30 years it was the third best Star Wars film).

4.6 out of 14 pages
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"Allen Keeg was your average middle age heart broken sap who just went through the worst break up in his life. That was a year ago. Since then Allen's been having trouble getting back into the swing of things. But all that's about to change. When Allen saves an old woman from being mugged he will be given an amazing supernatural ability that will change his whole life. But is the gift of being irresistible to every woman he meets a gift or a dreadful curse."

- Zenescope press release



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