Dec. 20th, 2018

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"We’re seeing Bernice and Emmy change their opinions on Harrow County and their role in it. This is a theme we’ll be revisiting in a big way in an upcoming story. These two characters have a lot more to wrestle with—and a lot more to sacrifice—before the end." -- Cullen Bunn

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"In a lot of ways, people like Erik are people that if they could have just met one kind person that could have understood them, then the story would be different. But we don’t all have Uncle Ben. We all don’t have those influences. Sometimes characters with potential and power and brilliance and rage, they don’t have someone to put a hand on their shoulder and tell them, 'With great power comes great responsibility.' They don’t have a hand on their shoulder at all. I think Erik is one of those characters in the Marvel universe that probably fell through the cracks, unfortunately." -- Bryan Hill

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"Imagine being able to take over the body of anyone on Earth. Sound crazy? Not for Agent Drake and the Hardcore Program. They can turn any person into a human drone to get to targets that normal soldiers can’t. Drake is the best soldier Hardcore has to offer. But when he gets stranded in a body with only 72 hours to discover who’s hijacked the Program, he’ll have to pull out all the stops against an enemy who could be literally anyone."

- Image Comics press release

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