Dec. 27th, 2018

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"I think what keeps Kammi from being a complete 'mustache-twirling' villain is that there’s so much of Emmy in her. Like Emmy, she really only wants to figure out who she is. She wants to know her place in this great big world. Unlike Emmy, though, she’s turned very, very bitter because she hasn’t gotten what she deserves. I think most people can relate to that kind of bitterness about something. No, we don’t take it as far as Kammi does, but most of us have felt the sting of jealousy and hurt as it starts to turn to anger and loathing. We know Kammi is the bad guy, but we can also imagine the steps she took to get there." -- Cullen Bunn

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Hawkman #1

Dec. 27th, 2018 12:26 am
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"Hawkman returns! Hawkman’s become a true bird of prey...a hard-edged urban hero whose extreme measures won’t long escape the notice of the Justice League."

- DC press release

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Remember: There's not really a vehicle around now to carry on the innovations Eisner was reaching for. I mean, even Eisner doesn't do The Spirit anymore! There's really no vehicle around now where you can do those wildly experimental stories within that kind of framework. So that became something I enjoyed exploring, and continue to enjoy, with "Greyshirt." -- Alan Moore

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Also, since I might as well include it here as anywhere, here's the Cobweb episode that was originally intended for TOMORROW STORIES but ultimately got pulled by DC over worry that the lawsuit-happy Church of Scientology would go after them for dissing L. Ron Hubbard. It was eventually published by Top Shelf, unchanged save for a name and palette swap for Cobweb for copyright reasons.

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Since I actually haven't posted today's topic, I'm cheating slightly by manipulating the space-time continuum to my own ends!! Ah the POWER!

Ahem... anyway, this is from 2002, and as such is before a certain dead Robin came back from the grave.

So from Gotham Knights 34, writer Danielle Dwyer and (very idiosyncractic but awesome) artist Scott Morse introduce us to...

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We love the fight scenes, we love the costumes, and the powers, we even love when certain sidekicks spend inordinate amounts of time in (tasetful) bondage and peril (though I admit that might be a personal thing), but let's face it, the core of many of these characters is friendship. These weird, odd, sometimes somewhat damaged folks finding the person they didn't even know they needed in their lives.

So during this time of friendship and companionship please feel free to share your favourite moments, be it friends from the moment they first met in pre-school, or the odd couple friendships that emerge out of seeming nowhere...

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CAPTAIN AMERICA #401 was my first post to this board way back when. It shows Steve Rogers' friendships with two men: Clint Barton and Tony Stark.

Steve is in a sulk after Operation: Galactic Storm.

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