Dec. 29th, 2018

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Remember when Alfred Pennyworth first showed up to work for the already Batmanned Bruce Wayne?

Yeah, neither do I.

Retcons can be brutal. Each one's going to be met from howls of outrage from somewhere. On the other hand, it can be really handy to have that magic wand to erase bad ideas or just replace them with better ones. Comics and soap operas--they're not afraid to retcon.

What's your favorite retcon? It can be big or small. Don't be afraid to go against what seems like popular opinion. There's room for all alternate universes here!
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In 2008 IDW's Transformers introduced a new version of the character Arcee. This take was....questionable, but overtime various retcons were applied to it.

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It was hard for me to think of a 'favorite' retcon but I decided on Slott retconning the spider that bit Peter Parker biting someone else and giving us Silk. In part because there's barely any major Asian characters at Marvel so it's nice to see one in a fairly prominent role in the Spider-Family. And with Sony possibly giving her her own movie she will hopefully have more to do in the future.

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It's a well known fact that Stan Lee hated kid sidekicks, so when he brought back Captain America in Avengers #4, he took the opportunity to kill off Bucky, Cap's kid sidekick, via exploding plane. This was such a well known death -- and such a big motivator for Cap -- that there used to be a saying in fandom: "The only people who truly stay dead are Jason Todd, Bucky Barnes, and Uncle Ben." C'est la vie.

And that's how it was, right up until Ed Brubaker took over writing Captain America in 2005 and decided to bring Bucky Barnes back. But not as a kid sidekick -- instead, as a brainwashed assassin. Brubaker even used an entire issue -- Captain America vol 5 #11 -- to expand and explore the retcon.

Say hello to the Winter Soldier.

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