Dec. 30th, 2018

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Ah, love.

There are those who seem to think of comics as almost an anti-romance genre, but of course there's a long history of romantic love in comics. In fact, some of the most well-known couples in pop culture come from superhero comics.

What are your favorite? They can be moments from larger stories, or comics that are romance stories themselves. Romantic moments between people who were never an actual couple count too.

Let's get mushy! Love is love is love is love!
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When I actually started writing Promethea from the initial proposal, I think I'd written between four and eight pages and then just had to tear them up, because it didn't have any of the life or vitality I wanted, which I added to the strip partly by talking with Jim Williams and coming up with a wildly different vision of New York, and partly by throwing in seemingly irrelevant, absurdist elements, like the Weeping Gorilla posters, the Five Swell Guys... those things added to the mix seemed to make the thing, give it a freshness, an originality and a life. -- Alan Moore

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GREEN LANTERN EMERALD DAWN #1 was the start of the origin for the Post-Crisis Hal Jordan. It had Hal serving 90 days on a drunk driving charge, and also established a lot of the "Hal Jordan: Screw-up!" characterization that was very common for a while. Still is, in some ways.

Story by Jim Owsley, Gerard Jones and Keith Giffen. Art by MD Bright.

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