Jan. 1st, 2019

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Happy 2019, everyone.

So this is a bit of a cheat as it started in 2017 but was finished in 2018. As a fan of the Joker I loved the concept of a more 'heroic' take on the character alongside a more antagonistic Batman.

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And so our theme period comes to an end. (But there's no actual set time limit, so if you want to make a post about any day and weren't able to do it on the day itself, go for it!)

The final category is a retrospective of the past year, what comics have YOU enjoyed most 2018, and why?

I think my comic buying this year has been lighter than most, as the main publishers haven't been doing a lot that interested me, with events I didn't care about, and focussing on characters I'm rather ambivalent to.

I've been enjoying Aftershock's "Moth and Whisper", and the "Batman '66/Archie" crossover from DC/Archie has been quite fun. "These Savage Shores" is another one to post from soon, as a rather different sort of vampire story.

In any event, our sincere thanks to all for their contributions through the eight days, and indeed the last three hundred and sixty five!

Happy New Year and wishing you every possible happiness for 2019!

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