Jan. 5th, 2019

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One of their employees'd turned on them, taking something left over from the recent Dominator-headed invasion and auctioning it off for his own profit.

Mark, alias Manhunter, won the auction on their behalf.

The company's two owners brought him along in secret when they went to make the payment.

Secretly, representatives of the other parties interested in the mysterious item- the KGB, Lexcorp, Checkmate, and some yakuza- were there too.

Mark was given a precaution.

It was a suit. )
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I’m thinking right now about Cain and Abel for instance, old-time favorites, I love those two—they seem like such perfect crystallizations their own mythology. And yet when you give it any thought, you realize there’s an awful lot more to them than meets the eye and their story doesn’t quite add up. -- Si Spurrier

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