Jan. 15th, 2019

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As has been the norm for a while, both sides of the Atlantic seem to be vying for who can be the least functional nominal democracy.

In the UK, today is the Parliamentary "Meaningful Vote" on Brexit, which is likely to overwhelmingly reject Theresa May's proposed deal in favour of... well, God only knows! It might lead to her holding on to power like a limpet to a side of the Titanic, a new General Election, a magical unicorn descending on a rainbow cloud with a brilliant new idea, or some sort of Civil Service advisory notice on where to buy canned food and shotguns, and which housepets are edible.

The chaos in the UK is perhaps balanced by the inertia in the US as the Government shutdown is now the longest in history (So POTUS 45 has at least one claim to fame... I guess?) with no sign of either side giving ground and even the GOP fanbase blaming POTUS for the shutdown rather than the Democrats he's tried to blame. It would appear that "Government by tantrum" is not a good look, but then neither is racism,and that's never stopped him yet.

The American Psychological Association has formally recognised that “Traditional masculinity ideology has been shown to limit males’ psychological development, constrain their behavior, result in gender role strain and gender role conflict and negatively influence mental health and physical health.” and as such can encourage homophobic and misogynistic behaviour.

The initial reaction to this may be "This is news?" or "Tell us something we don't know" but it's important to note that this is definite progress, as it is something which is ratified by a respected body and can be formally cited. (Heck, the APA didn't take homosexuality off the "Mental disorder" until 1987 and look what's been achieved in a mere 32 years (Okay, not enough, but it's better than it was I hope)).

Today would have been Dr Martin Luther King's 90th birthday. It may seem like he's from a time long past, but he was younger than say, Stan Lee and Dick Van Dyke.

Caught up on Young Justice Season 3 and darnit this show is just SO GOOD! I didn't realise how much I'd missed it. I love how the characters have grown and moved on (or not), the cameos and the new dynamic being set up, though I'm hoping we see repercussions from certain JLA members bullshit manouever in episode 1.

I really like Halo, and the whole Bowhunter Security team... and the two cameos in THAT scene on Infinity Island... Wow!.

I do wonder how open it is to new viewers though, since it tends to assume you know who everyone is and in a couple of cases even I had no clue (Turns out who I thought was Jinx was actually Traci Thirteen). Three episodes a week is just enough to engage me, but leave me wanting MORE! (But at least it's a 26 episode season!)

Michelle Yeoh has been announced as the lead in a new "Star Trek: Discovery" spin-off about Starfleets Section 31, their black ops and dirty trick department.. This along with Discovery itself, Sir Patrick Stewart returning in "Picard" and the as yet unnamed animated series with an adult tone about life below decks means there are four Star Trek series currently in the pipeline!
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It was nice writing Galactus again, too. I like where Jason’s gone with him, but there was that moment I had to sort of let him go and bid him farewell, because my time with him is over, so it was slightly bittersweet too, in a nice way. I think I gave him a decent goodbye in the end. -- Al Ewing

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There were men who, in secret, wanted to kill the dragon.

There was a man who, on his own, wanted to kill the dragon.

One day, he had the weapon to do it with.

He had what he'd invested himself in making. )


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