Jan. 22nd, 2019

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat among yourselves.

Brex.... I can't even bring myself to say the whole word, it's just too ####ing depressing. Suffice to say after last weeks debacles, this week Prime Minster May presented her "Plan B" which looked suspiciously like her "Plan A" wearing a new hat.

A gamer by the name of hbomberguy has managed to raised over £260,000 for UK transgender and gender-diverse charity Mermaids, by livestreaming himself playing Donkey Kong 64 (and guaranteeing to pick up every single banana in the gams). This was done basically to rebuke singularly unpleasant chap named Graham Linehan, who may have written the brilliant sitcom "Father Ted" and "The IT Crowd", but who has repeatedly made deeply transphobic comments and objected to Mermaids getting funding from the National Lottery.. Never underestimate the motivating power of spite!

The American government shutdown continues, and the level of political action has included POTUS 45 denying use of a military plane to Nancy Pelosi, who replied rather neatly be NAMING the shutdown as "the Trump shutdown", which for the master of self branding is probably as close to a knee to the groin as can be imagined.

The new "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" dropped on Netflix. Never having seen the original (Though that theme sticks in your head) it held no nostalgia with me. I like it, and the character designs are terrific (and the villain "Paper Star" has every creepy psycho kid vibe going), but making her a teenager, even with a nifty backstory, appeals to me less than her being a grown woman. Still, it is what it is, and I enjoyed it.

Star Trek: Discovery also returned for a second season, with Anson Mount proving how badly he was served by his Inhumans role as Black Bolt, by turning in a great performance as Captain Pike.

Young Justice continues to impress, with a story based around Vandal Savage having to deal with the fact that the Light's plan to keep Earth's heroes out of action casues a problem when a BIGGER threat comes along. Also a LOT of backstory there. Plus Forager's idea of nudity is not the norm, Dick having to clarify that he did NOT get his codename from an 80s mullet rock band, and Forager finding the perfect use for a towel which led to the creation of one of the strangest Twitter accounts ever
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He awoke in her New York, out of a demon tempting and into her appealing as she had before.

" I see a power in you that perhaps you do not fully see yourself.

" A power whose limits you have not fully discovered.

" Channel it in the proper direction, Peter-

" And you could rule the world! "

" Really?

" Uh.. how do you know I haven't already? "

He smiled disarmingly. )


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