Jan. 23rd, 2019

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[I] have full confidence in the intelligence and patience of Batman readers to figure this out. -- Tom King

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Pearl #6

Jan. 23rd, 2019 06:42 am
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"Our goal was to create something that was authentic as Jessica [Jones], but completely different in every way. There's a history in comics, where if someone has a hit or a genre passion, they'll do a variation of that hit in a creator-owned book. I get that instinct, and I won't say if I've done that or I haven't done that (in the past). But in this particular instance, Jessica has become so out-of-our-hands iconic that we had to make sure whatever we put next in the world was unique and as inviting.” -- Brian Michael Bendis

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Since the movies, the Hulk's been very much an Avenger in a way he never has before. From the outside - the average citizen of the Marvel Universe - that probably looks like forgiveness. World War Hulk happens, and a little while later, he's assembling in Stark Tower. "Why isn't he in the Hague?" wonders some sweet old lady who lost their entire block. Maybe they take a look back over the history of Bruce Banner - and find out that he became the Hulk through saving a life... and then became the Hulk AGAIN because he got jealous of Doc Samson. It's muddy with him, is the point, especially when you live in that universe. -- Al Ewing

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Naomi #1

Jan. 23rd, 2019 11:33 am
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"It's a mystery, so I have to be a little vague, but there's a reason this story takes place in the DC Universe. Just like Jessica Jones' story could have been told in a 'fictional' Marvel Universe, it really only had that specialness because it was the Marvel Universe. There's a similar thing with Naomi, where it's because it's the DC Universe that this story will be that much more potent for her.

[The events of the first issue] not only start Naomi on a quest to find herself, but by doing so, she starts investigating the town, and by doing so she discovers that -- like every town in America -- it's full of secrets. These secrets are a little more DC connected than I think people would even guess from the first issue." -- Brian Michael Bendis

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