Feb. 11th, 2019

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MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #88 was a reprint of INCREDIBLE HULK #138. It has the Hulk and the Sandman both talking to each other underwater. And "Sub-Mariner" is mispronounced.


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I think somewhere between Dora’s damaged-but-won’t-admit-it breed of wounded-dog pissiness, and Lucien’s fragile (and decaying) need for neatness, is the closest I dare get to inserting myself into this story. They’re both expressions of the fear of losing control, if you get right down to it, and – because this is the Sandman Universe – in both cases “control” is reflected both in the mind and in the world around them. The difference lies in how they each respond to the knowledge of their own fallibility: Dora tries to ignore it, Lucien can’t. -- Si Spurrier

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