Feb. 27th, 2019

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Hawkeye's desperate desire for public validation [in old comics] is fascinating in light of what will follow for him. Especially in terms of his current characterisation as The Old Man Who Used To Be Cool. At least that's my interpretation of him - once a semi-major figure in an important cultural scene that's since left him behind. In a way Hawkeye's the only Marvel superhero who's realistically aged. -- Al Ewing

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For the kind people who have been asking what my next new project will be, the sort of next Mister Miracle/Vision ambitions hopefully cool limited series thing, there’s a big hint/clue in Heroes in Crisis 5, which is out this Wednesday. -- Tom King

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"me: 'wait...no love? like, NONE? none love left beef? what about moms? what about queer identity? do they still know how to make babies in AoX? wh--'

[days pass]

me: 'all these COPS are HORNY and someone's PREGNANT and there's an ISSUE devoted just to GAY RAGE'" -- Leah Williams

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