Black Hole #9

"I find that my stories for whatever reason move toward the darkness, but I’m not intentionally trying to scare someone. Growing up I was attracted to a darker side of America, an underside of American culture. There is a facade that I grew up with where everything is ok, but underneath that sometimes there is a dark underside. I was always interested in that facade and what it represented. And I was interested in reality, the reality I grew up with, the reality that I felt and that had nothing to do with the status quo and with the normal vision of a happy and secure family. None of my stories is very happy." -- Charles Burns

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Die #3 - "Dungeons"

One of Jamie McKelvie's favorite stories about me is the time I explained, at length, that elves were basically "what if there actually was a master race" racial supremacists to a group of people cosplaying Tolkien elves. I'm annoyed at the Know Your Place implicit in Middle-earth, the hatred of the industrial world and the working class who inhabit it. My standard line is "If I was in Middle-earth, I would clearly be an orc" and I still believe that.

But feel the simmering resentment there. I quickly realize why. I came to comics as an adult. As such, my comic influences are all adult influences. I'm chill about them. Conversely, Tolkien was what got me into this world. He's the father figure I have oedipal rage towards.

As such, the research [for DIE] was my process of forgiving Tolkien.

-- Kieron Gillen

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