Mar. 17th, 2019

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All the places in this story are true places, although I have changed a few names—the Diogenes Club was really the Troy Club in Hanway Street, for example. Some of the people and events are true as well, truer than one might imagine. As I write this I find myself wondering whether that little playhouse still exists, or if they knocked it down and built houses on the ground where it waited, but I confess I have no desire actually to go and find out. -- Neil Gaiman

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Over the past fifty issues, Doreen Green has fought Galactus on the moon, saved the realm from Asgardian chaos beasts, traveled through time, defeated villains both underground and in her dreams, beat up the entire universe, gone to Canada, learned to fly, met dinosaurs, gone to space, gone to jail, and confronted an impostor--all while being a computer science student at Empire State University! You know her as the only hero who combines the powers of a squirrel with the powers of a girl: she's the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!
-- Opening recap

Welcome to our fiftieth issue! It says #42 on the cover, but that's only because we did eight issues and then a second #1, although this of course doesn't count the Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe OGN, which is another five issues of story, which would put us at...issue #55? This is getting complicated. Anyway! To celebrate Squirrel Girl, here's a dark future where everything's gone wrong!!
-- The writer's note on the first page

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